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Staffing & Recruitment Services


Permanent Employment

Whether they are full-time, part-time, or casual staff, it's incredibly important to choose the right candidate for any permanent role. Mistakes in recruitment can result in your company having to bear the burden of an un-productive member of staff for a long time. 

We'll always spend time with you at the outset to establish the pre-requisites for the role, and the desirable attributes for your shortlist of candidates. Then, using our broad networks and marketing skills, we'll source the best talent in the marketplace for you. And with the help of a wide range of recruitment methods and tools, we'll help you choose the perfect person for any permanent position. 

What's more, every permanent position is guaranteed, so you know you can trust us to find the ideal candidate at any level of your organisation, from trainee to senior executive roles.

Fixed Term Employment

Do you need contract staff to cover maternity leave or absence? Perhaps you need seasonal staff for the busy Christmas period, or you may be looking for a fixed term employee to help with a specific project.

Whatever your needs, we can source high calibre contract staff for you. You can choose whether you'd like the fixed term employment contract to end after a certain period of time, when a certain event occurs, or after the work is completed. 

Many of our clients have been so impressed with the contract staff we have sourced for them, they have offered them permanent positions at the end of their fixed term. That's because, regardless of the length of employment, we always aim to source staff who are an asset to your company.

Independent Contractors

For help with specific tasks or projects, it may not always be the best option to hire dedicated staff. When you need specialist skills, or you just need work on an occasional basis, you might consider using the services of an independent contractor or freelancer.

Our broad network of professionals allows us to source some of the very best talent in the

marketplace, particularly when it comes to highly specialised skill sets.

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